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Agatized Ammonite


Agatized Ammonite from Madagascar.

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Blood Indian Reserve Ammolite


Ammolite from Blood Indian Reserve, St Mary River, Alberta Canada. Vibrant red, green, and blue colors show in opalescent fashion as this specimen is turned in the light.

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Doubly Terminated Citrine Crystal


Doubly terminated citrine crystal. This color on this crystal is natural. Interesting location – Mansa District, Luapula Province, Zombia.

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Green Pyromorphite


Matrix with intense lime green pyromorphite crystals. This specimen is from Daoping Mine, Gongcheng, Guangxi China.

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Honey-colored Ball of Crystals


Approximately 6cm ball of translucent honey-colored crystals. This specimen comes from “Red River Floodway” Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Lime Green Apophyllite Crystal


Contains lime green apophyllite crystals. A 4cm sheath of pink stilbite penetrates a corner of the crystal with the remainder resting on the white background matrix. A very aesthetic specimen from Jalgaon, India.

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Purple Fluorite Crystal


Beautiful translucent light purple fluorite crystal with minor chalcopyrite inclusions. There is no obvious point of attachment on this crystal. In my opinion, after field collecting this material for many years, the specimen sat loose in the pocket. Looks great backlit.

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Purple Vesuvianite Crystals


A group of purple Vesuvianite crystals from the classic Jeffrey Mine in Asbestos, Quebec. THis specimen was part of a recently purchased collection.

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Quartz Matrix and Molybdenite Crystal


A quartz matrix containing a beautiful 2.5cm x 3cm molybdenite crystal. This specimen is from La Motte, Quebec.

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Titanite Crystals


Specimen containing a 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.6 cm wedge shaped titanite crystal. The crystal has good luster. The matrix also contains minor apatite, biotite, and hornblende. From the closed locality of Bear Lake Diggings, Tory Hill Ontario.

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